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When data becomes an asset

Each time a person acquires or uses a banking product, he delivers information of great value: sources of income, assets and liabilities, preferences and modalities of consumption, dates of use, payment compliance, among others. This huge amount of data represents an important opportunity to generate patterns and predictions that help banks understand user preferences and offer…

New Argentina 2019 Fintech Map

Knowtech and our QBS platform in the new Argentina Fintech Map produced by the prestigious consulting firm Finnovating (Open Innovation Through Ecosystems). QBS is the most comprehensive and flexible platform for the support of Fintech’s operations, from the very beginning and following its large-scale growth.  Further information at:

QBS 4.0: the next version of our QBS platform

Our new digital banking-oriented platform, QBS Framework 4.0, is about to be launched. Migration to the new .NET Core framework and its microservices architecture is already on its way. This technology leap further boosts the strategy of Knowtech and QBS to be the technology market leader in financial services.